Join the friars at St. Vincent Ferrer Church and Priory on Manhattan

New York City 2018 Vocation Event

Our friars in New York City invite young men considering a vocation to St. Vincent Ferrer on Manhattan for our annual vocation event on July 10 from 3-9PM. Must RSVP.

Formed in the way of Holy Father Dominic to Preach the Gospel

Dominican Cooperator Brother Formation

What does formation of a cooperator brother look like?

Great on-line reading

Resources for Considering a Dominican Vocation

Most men who come to the Order of Preachers have done a significant amount of research. Here are some important documents if you want a closer look at what shapes the Order of Preachers.

A gathering with a meal with our friars, and two special Masses.

2017 Ohio Vocation Opportunities

There will be two classes of novices at St. Gertrude Priory during this time. It will be an extraordinary opportunity to meet our novices and our senior friars to learn more about the Dominicans. August 10 event requires RSVP.

Join our friars in NYC at St. Vincent Ferrer Church and Priory on Manhattan on 12 July

2017 NYC Vocation Event

Men 18 – 35 years of age are invited. Required RSVP: vocations@dominicanfriars.org

Could this be the first in the Dominican Order worldwide?

Dominican Cooperator Brother Vocation Weekend + First Ever in the USA

The Eastern Province Dominicans are organizing a “come & see” weekend for the cooperator brother vocation in New York City – October 6-8, 2017.

Three Conversion Stories

Coming Home to the Catholic Faith

The Coming Home Network International recently shared the stories of four of our friars into the Catholic Faith and into the Dominican Order.

Fr. Gregory Pine OP offers principles of Discernment

Theology of Vocation with St. Thomas Aquinas (video)

Christian identity, vocation, mission, and destiny issue from and return to Trinitarian communion, giving glory to God in the rich beauty of varied and diverse states.

The Powerful Intercession of the Dominican Nuns & Sisters

The Lord has Given Us Great Hopes of a Good Catch!

Augustine Marogi OP on Rosary

The Rosary and the Greatest Vocation ever known

There is a special kind of thrill connected to receiving a mission from the Creator of the universe, a mission that is specifically tailored to an individual whose life may seemingly be inconsequential to the rest of the world.