Dominican Cooperator Brother Vocation Weekend + First Ever in the USA

April 26, 2017

The Dominican Province of St. Joseph happily organized the first-ever “come and see” weekend exclusively for men interested in the Cooperator Brother vocation. It was a unique opportunity for men to come together with Dominican cooperator brothers, both in formation and in full-time ministry, at St. Vincent Ferrer Priory in New York City from October 6-8, 2017. The schedule for the weekend can be found HERE.  Plans are underway to organize another!  Get in touch with our vocation director now for updates for the next vocation weekend for cooperator brothers for the Dominican Province of St. Joseph.

Cooperator brothers are friars who are called to live lives of prayer and service in the Order of Preachers. They make vows and live a full religious life, but unlike our ordained brothers, they are free from the demands of a sacramental ministry. This allows them to make themselves available to bring Christ’s love to those around us in a wide variety of settings.

Our province already has four weekends organized each academic year at the Dominican House of Studies, one of the largest Dominican priories in the world. These weekends average 25 men each. For the past 7 years every weekend has been full. Men interested in becoming cooperator brothers are also welcome on these more general vocation weekends.

Currently the Dominican province of St. Joseph has four cooperator brothers in formation in Washington DC. More men have shown interest. It seems that it would be opportune for us to spend more time with men who are interested in this lesser known vocation within the Order of Preachers.

Men interested in attending the October 6-8, 2017 cooperator brother vocation weekend should contact the director of vocations as soon as possible as the weekend is expected to be full with limited spaces available. Weekend is tentatively planned to start mid-afternoon on Friday and end after lunch on Sunday. (SCHEDULE)

To learn more about the Cooperator Brotherhood vocation and its rich history, check out our vocation brochure and watch the new video above (just released today).  Read about famous Blesseds and Saints in the Order who were cooperator brothers.  Apparently this is one of the first vocation videos to talk about the Cooperator Brother vocation in the Order of Preachers. Check it out!

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cooperator brothers in formation

Cooperator Brothers in formation for the Eastern Province Dominicans

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