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September 29, 2017

In a post today on, Thomas V. Mirus highlights the work of the Dominican student brothers who publish the journal and website Dominicana:

Dominican thinking—I say based on no expertise but my limited observations—is characterized by a sort of patient drawing out of truth from truth. It is serene and not overly concerned with seeking grand epiphanies (or perhaps its epiphanies are those of depth rather than novelty). While it respects and makes room for genius, it gains its results primarily from “slow and steady” study, prayer and contemplation, and from a certain gentle rigor. Perhaps it is the very spirit of St. Thomas Aquinas.

If I have reason to believe these characteristics are not just shared by a few individuals I happen to know, it is because I have been reading Dominicana, a biannual journal produced by the student brothers at the Dominican House of Studies in Washington, D.C. No matter what I read in this journal, it seems to share in the Dominican spirit I have described.

In the article, Mr. Mirus describes the breadth of content offered by Dominicana, articulating how it “integrates the intellectual life properly into the spiritual life.” To read more of Mr. Mirus’s article, click here.

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