Province Leadership

Officials of the Province

Province of St. Joseph Provincial Office
141 East 65th Street
New York, NY 10065-6618
(212) 737-5757
(212) 861-4216 (fax)

Prior Provincial:

Vicar Provincial:

Albert Duggan, O.P.

Director of Administration:

John Chrysostom Kozlowski, O.P.

Provincial Economic Administrator:

Martin Davis, O.P.

Executive Director of the Dominican Foundation:

John Paul Kern, O.P.

Vicar Provincial of the Eastern Africa Vicariate:

Gideon Mulchira, O.P.

Provincial Council

The Provincial Council assists the Prior Provincial in the governance of the Province by providing their consent or advise to the Provincial during regular meetings throughout the year. The Provincial Council consists of several friars elected at the last provincial chapter, the previous prior provincial, the regent of studies, and the socius of the prior provincial.

Provincial Directors, Promoters and Secretaries

Regent of Studies:

Jordan Schmidt, O.P.

Director of Preaching:

Jonathan Kalisch, O.P.

Promoter of Media:

John Devaney, O.P.

Director of the Thomistic Institute:

Dominic Legge, O.P.

Promoter of the Dominican Clerical Fraternities:

James Sullivan, O.P.

Promoter of the Dominican Lay Fraternities:

Ignatius Schweitzer, O.P.

Promoter of Catholic Social Teaching:

Thomas More Garrett, O.P.

Promoter of the Holy Rosary:

Paul Marich, O.P.

Promoter of the Holy Name Society:

John Devaney, O.P.

Promoter of the Angelic Warfare Confraternity:

Simon Teller, O.P.

Director of the Mission Office:

David Christopher Adiletta, O.P.

Provincial Archivist:

Gregory Schnakenberg, O.P.