Friars at World Youth Day in Poland

September 8, 2016

Dominican Friars of the Province of St. Joseph partnered with the Polish Dominicans, Dominican Sisters, the Knights of Columbus, the Sisters of Life, and many others to staff the Mercy Centre for English-speaking catechesis and liturgy at Krakow’s Tauron Arena.  The Friars were especially involved with the liturgies, introducing Gregorian Chant to the World Youth Day Masses and culminating in the Night of Mercy–a true moment of cooperation with God’s grace.  Bishop Conley of Lincoln testifies to the way the liturgies coordinated by the friars helped pilgrims “transformed by the Eternal beauty of God himself.”  Many friars had important roles at World Youth Day, including:

  • Fr. Jonathan Kalisch, OP – catechesis site director and Knights of Columbus director of chaplains
  • Fr. Gabriel Torretta, OP – music chaplain, choir member
  • Fr. Gabriel Gillen, OP – media consultant
  • Fr. James Cuddy, OP – College Knights of Columbus chaplain
  • Fr. Dominic Verner, OP – College Knights of Columbus chaplain and School of Mercy speaker
  • Fr. Patrick Briscoe, OP –  production and catechesis coordinator (pictured above)
  • Fr. Joseph-Anthony Kress, OP – liturgy coordinator (pictured above)
  • Fr. Benedict Croell, OP – College Knights of Columbus chaplain

Many more photos of those friars in action are on Flickr.  The full staff of the Mercy Centre, showing the importance of every part of the Body of Christ acting as one: full staff of the Mercy Centre

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