“Defining Love”: Fr. Bruno Shah addresses Christian Leaders in Nashville

December 15, 2015

Last April, Fr. Bruno Shah, O.P., gave a talk entitled, “Defining Love,” to a venue known as “Q Ideas.” Q is the brain-child of Gabe Lyons, who works closely with his wife Rebekah. Q seeks to provide accessible and exciting spaces for “asking Questions” in a difficult time, engaging the best thinking Untitledand practice from Christians who put faith first. Each year since 2007, Q conducts a three-day conference in a high-profile American city. The 50 or so invited speakers are church and community leaders, intent on redeeming culture and authentically pursuing the common good. The format for the conference talks is modeled on “Ted talks”: speakers enjoy timed settings of 3, 9, and 15 minutes. At the 2014 conference in Nashville, TN, Fr. Bruno M. Shah, OP spoke for 9 minutes (and 2 seconds) about love to an audience of about 1,000 people, mostly Evangelicals. Q 2016 is set for Denver, CO.

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