New Book on the Catholic Theology of Divinization

August 29, 2015

Divinization: Becoming Icons of Christ through the Liturgy (Chicago: Hillenbrand Books, 2015) explains the startling claim, so often overlooked, that God transforms the Christian people through the​ Church’s liturgy to share in his divine nature. Edited by Fr. Andrew Hofer, O.P., from the Dominican House of Studies in Washington, DC., the book holds 5 essays between Hofer’s Introduction and Conclusion. The essay contributors are: Dr. David Fagerberg from the University of Notre Dame, Dr. Andrew Swafford from Benedictine College, Dr. Daria Spezzano from Providence College, Dr. Michael Sirilla from the Franciscan University of Steubenville, and Fr. Hofer. Prolific Thomistic theologian Dr. Matthew Levering from Mundelein Seminary contributed the Foreword. The book may be purchased in paperback and e-book forms through such distributors as Amazon, and is offered to a wide range of audiences. It may serve as a source of education, inspiration, and reflection for seminary and university classes, parish groups, and interested individuals.

Divinization book cover Read a review of this book in the Catholic World Report.

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