St. Dominic at Harvard

July 14, 2015

The oldest surviving portrait of St. Dominic, painted in Siena c. 1240, now rests in Harvard’s Fogg Museum and may be viewed online.  Since Holy Father Dominic died in Bologna in 1221, the painting may well have been made by one of his contemporaries. Harvard’s Houghton Library features a number of manuscripts related to medieval preaching.  The online guide to the collection features pages on Dominican preaching in the high middle ages, noted Dominican bishop and preacher Bl. James of Voraigne, and mendicant preaching in the later middle ages.  The latter page highlights works by St. Antoninus of Florence, O.P., Bl. Raymond of Capua, O.P., and Bl. John Dominic, O.P.

Image: St. Dominic, c. 1240, Fogg Museum, Cambridge, Mass.

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