Passiontide 2015

March 26, 2015

On Saturday, March 21st, the Dominican Parish of St. Dominic held it’s first annual Passiontide Vigil.  Similar to a sung version of the Stations of the Cross, the service heralded Passiontide – the final two weeks of Lent – with sacred music, scriptural readings, and preaching on Christ and the cross.  The evening, set within the darkened, candle-lit nave of St. Dominic’s church, concluded with a candle-lit procession to venerate a relic of the true cross.  Fr. George Schommer, O.P., pastor of St. Dominic’s, remarked afterward that:

“Passiontide was a beautiful and prayerful meditation on the mysteries of our salvation and redemption. The blend of elements from the Stations of the Cross, Tenebrae and the Liturgy of the Hours illumined the mind and penetrated the heart so that all could experience the depth of Divine Love and Mercy. Passiontide was a wonderful way to prepare for Holy Week and Easter.”

A number of excellent photographs from the beautiful event may be found here.  As one can see, the service was well attended, allowing many to benefit from the prayerful introduction to Passiontide.  Following the vigil, the Dominican friars were able to interact personally with the faithful at a reception held in the parish center.  We look forward to next year’s Passiontide vigil.

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