5th Annual Aquinas Philosophy Workshop

January 16, 2015

The Thomistic Institute will be hosting its 5th annual philosophy workshop, “Aquinas and the Philosophy of Nature,” June 4-7 at Mount Saint Mary College in Newburgh, NY.  The workshop will explore important principles of the Thomistic understanding of nature, such as the relation between nature and causation, the particular character of human nature, how material realities suggest the necessary existence of immaterial realities.  It will also discuss whether or not the Thomistic understanding of nature is compatible with modern science.  Speakers will include James Brent, O.P., William Carroll, Michael Dodds, O.P., Edward Feser, Alfred Freddoso, Jennifer Frey, Michael Gorman, John O’Callaghan, and Candace Vogler. For more information, call 845-569-3467 or visit www.msmc.edu/CDI. A brochure with more information is available here.

Image: Francisco de Zurbaran, The Apotheosis of St. Thomas.  1631.  Museum of Fine Arts, Seville.

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