Angelic Warfare Confraternity at Wyoming Catholic College

November 25, 2014

Fr. Chris Saliga, O.P., a friar from the Province of St. Joseph currently serving in Lander, WY, reports that on 20-21 November 2014, Wyoming Catholic College was significantly blessed by the presence and powerful preaching of Fr. Luke Barder, O.P. of the Dominican Province of St. Albert the Great (Central Province, United States of America). photo (1)While at Wyoming Catholic College, Fr. Luke went on horseback into the foothills of the Wind River Range of the Rocky Mountains with students and horsemanship faculty; he preached joyful homilies at the celebration of college Masses; and he met key leaders to get a feel for great things unfolding here in Lander. Fr. Luke’s efforts culminated in a very edifying enrollment ceremony of more than fifty students, faculty, and staff into the Angelic Warfare Confraternity – a long-time gift of the Dominican Order. In his preaching, Fr. Luke situated the virtue of chastity within the table of virtues while clearly emphasizing charity’s pride of place – key to most fully entering loving relationships with God and neighbor. To say that Fr. Luke’s presence and preaching were very well received by faculty, students, and chaplains in Lander would be an understatement. The Angelic Warfare Confraternity is gaining momentum across the United States of America thanks to efforts of key Dominican friars including Fr. Brian Mullady OP (Western Province, USA) and the likes of Fathers Benedict Croell, O.P. and James Brent, O.P. (Eastern Province, USA). Each of the four Dominican Provinces in the United States has a promoter of the Angelic Warfare Confraternity (e.g. Fr. Andrew McAlpin, O.P., Central Province and Fr. Ambrose Little, O.P., Eastern Province). Regardless of age or gender, enrollment in the Angelic Warfare Confraternity amounts to a robust yet simple daily embrace of God’s love with the help of St. Thomas Aquinas and The Blessed Mother. Given what unfolded in Lander, WY this past Thursday and Friday, bringing a Dominican Friar to your school, youth group, parish, K of C Council, etc. in order to enroll folks into the confraternity is very worthwhile. For more information on the Angelic Warfare Confraternity see: Fr. Chris Saliga, O.P. is a friar of the Dominican Province of St. Joseph (Eastern Province, United States of America) who currently serves as a chaplain at Wyoming Catholic College within the territory of the Dominican Province of St. Albert the Great (Central Province, United States of America). For information on Wyoming Catholic College, see:

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