Dominican House of Studies Holds Interprovincial Studentate Gathering

October 28, 2014

The Dominican House of Studies in Washington hosted the annual North American Dominican Interprovincial Studentate Gathering October 24-26. Student brothers representing the Provinces of the Most Holy Name, St. Albert the Great, and St. Martin de Porres joined the student brothers of the Province of St. Joseph in a common reflection on “Reading St. Thomas Aquinas on the Religious Life 50 Years after Vatican II.” The visiting brothers also took part in various activities offered by the Washington studentate, including tours of our nation’s capital, an opportunity to evangelize by spreading the devotion of the rosary, a bonfire near the priory, and the regular life of liturgies and meals of the House of Studies. The brothers at the House of Studies enjoyed the visits of the guests and look forward to further collaboration with brothers from the other North American provinces.

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