Dominican Friars interviewed on EWTN about Vocation Boom

October 24, 2014

Fr. Benedict Croell, OP and Fr. Andrew Hofer, OP will appear on EWTN’s Vocation Boom! program on Sunday, October 26 at 11:00am (Eastern). The show will be rebroadcast on Tuesday, October 28 at 2:30am and Thursday, October 30 at 5:30pm. As described on the website, Vocation Boom! seeks to “build a culture that’s open to the priesthood,” providing encouragement and resources to young men looking into priesthood or religious life, as well as helping families support vocations. Fr. Benedict, Vocations Director for the Province of St. Joseph, answered a few questions regarding the growing number of vocations in the Province: Is there a “vocations boom” in the Province of St. Joseph? Yes there is, thanks be to God. This year, less than one week after our first vocation weekend, we filled the second. Our vocation weekends next semester are already filling. We have just under 70 friars in formation for our province alone. Next year St. Dominic’s Priory in downtown DC will have our second studentate to form friars. We simply need more space! There are about 130 friars in formation for all four U.S. provinces. For men’s religious life in this country, this is extraordinary. The growth goes beyond our province. The Lord is raising up an army of friars to preach the Gospel! Any thoughts on what is causing this surge in vocations? There is no adequate answer except the work of the Holy Spirit. Again we are extremely grateful to God. Our strong Dominican formation with a clear identity as friars preachers goes a long way in attracting young men today who are considering consecrated religious life. The Dominican House of Studies is actually the largest house of the Order in North America with just under 90 friars. It is an amazing experience of Catholicism to walk into our chapel for evening prayer with the friars. Why is the Lord doing this in these days, at this time, in our history? Only the Lord knows. But be sure about it, those to whom much has been given, much will be expected (Lk 12:48). Any words of advice to young men considering religious life, Dominican or otherwise? Yes. My advice is: “storm heaven,” pray the rosary, and be generous in building up the Church now. Believe it or not, a particular little document (aspirancy guidelines), which we pass along to those who are getting serious about entering our province, has been one of the more significant resources for a number of men doing research on religious life and where to start. The document has sound spiritual and practical advice and would help any man, regardless of which community he joins. If a man wants to be connected with us, he should add his email here for daily news of our friars including the popular blog of our student friars.  If he wants direct communication with me, he should start here.

Image: Frs. Hofer and Croell in Atchison, Kansas

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