Redeeming the Culture: A New Lecture Series

June 11, 2014

The Dominican student brothers are beginning a new lecture series this Thursday at St. Patrick’s Church in Columbus, Ohio, entitled Redeeming the Culture. The series treats a variety of different aspects of modern culture, approaching them from a contemplative perspective, looking to understand how Christians can live and see God in the contemporary world. The talks will be held every Thursday at 7:00 P.M. in Aquinas Hall in St. Patrick’s (280 N. Grant Ave). The complete list of talks can be found below: June 12: The Divine Vocation to Beauty: Contemplating the Culture June 19: Can Anything Good Come out of Hollywood? June 26: Refreshing the Drudge Report: Contemplating Politics July 2: Fiction’s True Lies July 10: Should We Unfriend Facebook? July 18: Biathlons, Triathlons, and the Cult of the Body The series begins this Thursday with Gabriel Torretta, O.P., speaking on “The Divine Vocation to Beauty.” All are welcome to attend.

Image: Johannes Vermeer, The Geographer

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