Photos from Recovering Causality Conference

June 30, 2014

The Angelicum recently concluded its Recovering Causality conference, a multilingual conference that sought to engage the contemporary relevance and applicability of the Thomistic theory of causality. Photos from the event are available below. Dominican friars from around the world attended the conference, as did a number of other priests, seminarians, and lay people. The colloquium considered a wide range of major issues, including the dialogue between Thomistic cosmology and contemporary natural science, historical issues concerning the texts of Aquinas or the Thomistic tradition, speculative metaphysical problems, as well as issues related to the humanity of Christ and the sacraments as instrumental causes of grace. The Province of St. Joseph was proud to send a number of young scholars to attend the conference: Thomas Joseph White, O.P., was on the organizing committee for the conference; Nicanor Austriaco, O.P., Austin Litke, O.P., Ambrose Little, O.P., and Reginald Lynch, O.P., gave papers; and others were in attendance. See below for a slideshow of the event.

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