Made for Love: A New Book by Peter John Cameron, O.P.

May 15, 2014

“We are a hunger for love,” says Peter John Cameron, O.P., in his new book from Servant Books, Made for Love, Loved by God. That love is God’s, and it longs to return to him. Fr. Peter’s book beautifully illustrates what that means for our lives as Christians. At some point in nearly everyone’s life, we desire to grow closer to God. To love more, maybe, but often mostly to be loved, to know that his love is real and more than our limited experiences of it. Fr. Peter’s book explores the roots of that desire in God’s gift of our lives, in the grace of Jesus Christ, and traces out lines the heart can follow to return to his love. Made for Love, Loved by God addresses some of the most common misconceptions about God and his love, presenting a refreshing, positive vision of who God made us to be, and how our lives are defined by our yearning for him. Amply provided with examples from literature, art, contemporary culture, and more, Fr. Peter’s new book provides a wealth of insight for anyone who has wondered what the love of God is all about. Fr. Peter is the editor-in-chief of Magnificat, as well as the author of many books and plays, including Why Preach and Mysteries of the Virgin Mary, and has edited books of meditations on all four Gospels and the letters of Paul.

Image: Bartolome Esteban Murillo, Christ at the Pool of Bethesda

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