Dominican Rite Mass at San Clemente in Rome

March 5, 2014

Beginning on March 8, the Basilica San Clemente in Rome will celebrate a mass in the Dominican Rite every Saturday at 9:30 A.M. All are invited to attend these and all the liturgies celebrated by the Dominican friars at San Clemente. More information can be found at the Basilica website. A flier for the Dominican rite mass can be found here (in English) or here (in Italian). The ancient and historic Basilica San Clemente has been in the custody of the Dominican Order since the mid-seventeenth century, and has been especially entrusted to the Irish Province of the Dominicans since the 1670s. The church is itself a sort of historical palimpsest; above ground stands the beautiful twelfth-century basilica, which itself rests on the now-excavated structure of a fourth-century basilica, all of which was built on top of a first-century temple to Mithras, an ancient pagan cult.

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