Novenas for the Church Year

January 31, 2014

Last year, Peter John Cameron, O.P., published a collection of original novenas designed to lead people to a deeper understanding of God’s work in salvation history, and God’s sanctification of the histories of man and each individual. In a new interview, Zenit asks Fr. Peter John about the work. The book, entitled Novenas for the Church Year, features nearly sixty different novenas that take the various liturgical celebrations and seasons of the year as their point of departure. Many novenas familiar to the Catholic faithful focus on a particular saint; Fr. Peter John’s work expands that repertoire by attending to the way the mysteries of Christ make themselves known through the times and seasons of the Church year. In the Zenit interview, available here, Fr. Peter John explores the history and meaning of the novena, its applicability and beauty in contemporary life, and the way that novenas capture and sanctify the natural human experience of anticipation.

Image: Yaacov Agam, Nines

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