Hymnarium OP

October 2, 2013


As of October 6, 2013, we have met our funding goal!  We knew there would be interest in this project, but we had no idea that people would be so very generous, and so quickly. So, from the friars of the Province of St. Joseph: Thank you!

We are going to keep the campaign open–every dollar helps. Unfortunately, however, we can no longer offer free copies of the Hymnarium with donations.  The administrative difficulties and limited number of volumes make it not feasible for us to do so.  We are very sorry if you were hoping to donate and receive a copy of the Hymnarium.  We are hoping to make any additional volumes available for sale in the future.  So, if you were not able to donate in before we met our goal, you might still be able to purchase a copy. For more information, please see the News & Info section of our Hymnarium website.  


The Dominican Province of St. Joseph is pleased to announce the upcoming publication of its new Hymnarium.

The Hymnarium O.P. is a hymnal  for the Liturgy of the Hours that makes available the Dominican heritage of liturgical hymnody.  It is has been published by the Liturgical Commission of the Dominican Province of St. Joseph in response to the 2010 Provincial Chapter’s wish that “the Dominican and wider Gregorian Chant traditions in the Conventual Mass and Office” and the desire of the Fathers of the Second Vatican Council that chant “be given pride of place in liturgical services.”

The Hymnarium will be approximately 774 pages, 6″ x 9″ in size, and about 1″ thick, printed on 45# paper.

Currently, we are in the process of the final preparation of the volume for production.  For now, we are soliciting donations to fund the project.  You can help ensure the success of this project by clicking here and offering your financial support or by becoming a Fan Fundraiser of this project.

For more information, see the Hymnarium O.P. website.  There you can see Sample Pageshear recordings of a selection of hymns in the volume, and ask questions through our Contact Form.

Just as importantly, you can help spread the word.  Please go to our Fundraising page and be sure to send out a Tweet on twitter, link to use in Google+, and ‘like’ us on Facebook.

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