Thomism after Vatican II

July 13, 2013

tj-white-banner Fr. Thomas Joseph White, OP, presents on Thomism after the Second Vatican Council

“The revitalization of Thomism in the Order today will succeed best where it is lived out within the context of a dynamic Dominican fraternal life and evangelical preaching. First, then: the integrity of the principles. Second: the vitality of contemporary engagement with the thought-world of our age. Third: the aspiration to live this out within the context of a dynamic community life. Those are plausible aims for a Dominican Thomism after Vatican II.”

As part of the recently held conference on Dominicans and the Renewal of Thomism, Fr. Thomas Joseph White, OP, presented a paper on the history of Thomistic studies after the Second Vatican Council.  Fr. Thomas Joseph is Assistant Professor of Systematic Theology at the Pontifical Faculty of the Immaculate Conception and the Director of the Thomistic Institute. You may see his talk in the video below or read his paper by clicking here. [youtube=]

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