The Musical Friars

May 31, 2013



These days of celebration of our six friars who were ordained to the Priesthood of Jesus Christ before the dispersal of the brethren for the summer to the priories & houses of our province have seen a combination of sacred music for the Liturgy, some folk music, and even jazz!

First things first, our Dominican Schola directed by Fr. James Moore OP (Western Dominican province) during a choir practice some days before the ordination:

Then did priests make offering of incense
and loaves of finest wheat to God
and therefore shall they be holy to their Lord
and shall not defile his most holy name. Alleluia.
~Sacerdotes Domini – William Byrd~

+see also during Tenebrae friars sing Filiae Jerusalem (Francesco Soriano (1549-1621)
Dominican Schola Cantorum in the choir loft at St. Dominic’s Church for ordination:

Bros. Humbert Kilanowski OP and Vincent Ferrer Bagan OP cantors at the priesthood ordination:

After the ordination our friars’ Jazz group called, “Instrumental Causality” entertained our guests for a post-ordination party:
Then the second act, a bit more informal was Bro. Timothy Danaher OP and Bro. Peter Joseph Gautsch OP on the banjo and guitar playing some Mumford and Sons!
We are grateful to God for the ordinations to the priesthood of our friars!
May the preach the Gospel for the salvation of souls!

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