New Book Mark of Studentate

January 31, 2013

Please find below the names of the student brothers from the official Studentate Photograph of the Province of St. Joseph. If you would like a book marker of this photo please send me an email at Top Row (left to right): Br. Joseph-Anthony Kress, Br. Jacob Bertrand Janczyk, Br. Luke Hoyt, Br. Vincent Ferrer Bagan, Br. Leo Camurati, Br. Ambrose Little, Br. Timothy Danaher, Br. Thomas Davenport, Br. Leo Checkai, Br. Gregory Pine, Br. Dominic Verner, Br. Tomás Martín Rosado, Br. Charles Shonk, Br. Clement Dickie, Br. Peter Joseph Gautsch, Br. Matthew Carroll, Br. Albert Duggan Middle Row (left to right): Br. Edmund McCullough, Br. Philip Neri Reese, Br. Athanasius Murphy, Br. Humbert Kilanowski, Br. Raymund Snyder, Br. Peter Martyr Yungwirth, Br. Peter Totleben, Br. Joseph-Mary Hertzog, Br. Mario Calabrese, Br. Boniface Endorf, Br. Cassian Derbes, Br. Cajetan Cuddy, Br. John Devaney, Br. Bonaventure Chapman, Br. Joachim Kenney, Br. Bernard Timothy, Br. Pier Giorgio Dengler, Br. Patrick Briscoe, Br. Aquinas Beale, Br. Mannes Matous, Br. Raphael Forbing, Br. Alan Piper Bottom Row (left to right): Br. Louis Bertrand Lemoine, Br. John Baptist Hoang, Br. Innocent Smith, Br. Thomas More Garrett, Br. Dominic Bump, Fr. John Baptist Ku (assistant master), Fr. Andrew Hofer (master of students), Fr. Allen Moran (assistant master), Br. Henry Stephan, Br. Sebastian White, Br. Gabriel Torretta, Br. Michael Mary Weibley, Br. John Sica Not pictured: Br. Reginald Lynch, diaconate year at St. Patrick’s, Columbus These guys are hungry! Donate now

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