Preacher’s Sketchbook: Solemnity of Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe

November 20, 2012

Each week, a Dominican member of the Province of St. Joseph’s Preaching Advisory Board prepares this Preacher’s Sketchbook in anticipation of the upcoming Sunday Mass. The idea of the Preacher’s Sketchbook is to take quotations from the authority of the Church–the Pope, the Fathers of the Church, documents of the Councils, the saints–that can help spark ideas for the Sunday homily. Just as an artist’s sketchbook preserves ideas for later elaboration, so we hope the Preacher’s Sketchbook will provide some ideas for homiletical elaboration.


St. Athanasius, from Against the Arians

Since all were lost through the transgression of Adam, Christ’s flesh was saved first of all and was liberated, because it was the Word’s body. Henceforth, we also, having become joined together with his body, are saved through it. For in his body the Lord becomes our guide to the kingdom of heaven and to his own Father…

St. Cyril of Jerusalem, from Catechesis 15

Most things about our Lord Jesus Christ are twofold. His birth is twofold, once of God before the ages and once of the Virgin in the end of the ages. Twice he comes down, once all unseen like dew on a fleece and a second time still future and manifest. When first he came he was swaddled in a manger; when next he comes he will “clothe himself with light as with a garment” (Ps 104.2)…. We do not therefore simply rest n Christ’s first coming, by itself; but let us look forward also to his second…. The Savior comes again, but not to be judged again, for he will pass judgment on those who passed judgment on him, and he who previously kept silence as they judged him now reminds those lawless people who did their outrageous deeds to him on the cross…

St. Augustine, from Sermon 299

The martyrdom of the blessed apostles has consecrated this day for us. It was by despising the world that they earned this renown throughout the whole world. Peter was the first of the apostles and Paul was the last of the apostles. The first and the last were brought to one and the same day for martyrdom by the First and the Last, by Christ.

St. Augustine, from Tractates on the Gospel

Come to the kingdom that is not of this world. Do not be enraged by fear, but come by faith…. What in fact is Christ’s kingdom? It is simply those who believe in him…. Indeed, his kingdom is here until the end of time–and until the harvest, it will contain weeds.

St. Augustine, from Exp of Psalm 84

What is Truth? The Son of God. What is the earth? Our flesh…. In order that righteousness might look down from heaven, that is, that men might be made righteous through divine grace, Truth was born from the Virgin Mary, that he might be in a position to offer sacrifice for those who needed justification, the sacrifice of his passion, the sacrifice of the cross. How could he offer his sacrifice for our sins, except by dying? But how could he die, unless he took from us what could die? Had he not taken mortal flesh from us, Christ could not have died, for the Word does not die, the Godhead does not die, the Power and Wisdom of God does not die. How could he offer himself as a saving victim if he did not die? But how could he die without clothing himself in flesh? And how could he put on flesh  unless Truth sprang up from the earth?



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