Sixtieth Anniversary of Religious Profession

October 14, 2012

Br. Jude Locchetto, O.P.
Congratulations are due to Br. Jude Locchetto, O.P., who on October 8th celebrated the 60th Anniversary of his profession of vows. Following his 1952 Profession, Br. Jude, one of the Cooperator Brothers of the Province of St. Joseph, spent most of his religious life working as the chef of our [now closed] community at Sacred Heart Church in Jersey City, NJ. Br. Jude now resides at St. Dominic Priory in Washington, D.C. Please keep Br. Jude in your prayers, that our Lord Jesus Christ may continue to bless him and his religious life. Please also pray for an increase in vocations to the Cooperator Brotherhood of the Order. Pictures from Br. Jude’s Anniversary celebration can be seen below.

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