Dominican Nuns in Marbury, Alabama celebrate Solemn Profession

August 18, 2012

“The vow of obedience is preeminent among the evangelical counsels, because by virtue of this vow, a person consecrates herself wholly to God; its acts approach more closely the goal of our profession, which is perfect love. By this vow, the nuns in their own way cooperate in the work of redemption, following the example of the Handmaid of the Lord who “through her obedience became a cause of salvation both to herself and to the whole human race” (St. Irenaeus)  – Constitutions of the Nuns of the Order of Preachers, 19.1

Today, August 18, 2012, the Feast of Blessed Mannes (brother of St. Dominic), Sr. Mary Jordan OP of the Holy Family made her Solemn Profession at the Monastery of St. Jude in Marbury, Alabama in the presence of his Excellency, Thomas J. Rodi, Archbishop of Mobile and Archbishop Oscar Lipscomb, Archbishop Emeritus of Mobile, Dominican friars & sisters, diocesan priests, friends, family and her Dominican community.

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Sr. Mary Jordan OP was in our high school youth ministry program at our parish at St. Gertrude in Cincinnati when I was a newly ordained priest (many years ago). It was a beautiful event to see this spouse of Christ give her life “usque ad mortem” for the sake of the Gospel. It was a very moving ceremony.Congratulations Sr. Mary Jordan OP! Pray for vocations to our Dominican Nuns!

Gratias Ago Sanctissimae Trinitati
Jesu Christi Crucifixi Humanitati Gloriosae
Gloriosae Mariae Virginae Reginae Apostolorum et Virginum
et Sancto Patri Nostro Dominico

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