Somerset Pilgrimage

July 30, 2012

A week ago, student brothers and young adults from the 20s Groups at St. Patrick in Columbus, St. Gertrude in Cincinnati, St. Thomas in Zanesville, and St. Dominic in Youngstown journeyed out to the “Cradle of the Faith in Ohio” as they went on a pilgrimage through Somerset, OH. They began at St. Joseph’s in Somerset, which is the oldest Catholic Church in Ohio and was the longtime novitiate for the St. Joseph Province. After Terce (Midmorning Prayer), they hiked into town to Holy Trinity where Fr. Stephen Dominic Hayes, OP, celebrated Mass. After a brief break, they began the hike back, along a different and much more scenic route. With the rolling hills of central Ohio providing a beautiful landscape, and the weather holding up wonderfully, the pilgrimage was spectacular. Upon arriving back at St. Joseph’s, the pilgrims walked into the cemetery where many Dominican Friars and their parishioners are buried. After praying for the deceased and then having some closing prayers inside historic St. Joseph’s Church, they enjoyed a feast with homemade pulled pork and homemade ice cream. The pilgrimage allowed many of the 20s Groups at the Dominican parishes in Ohio to have an opportunity to get to know each other as well as the many brothers who accompanied them.

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