Reflections on the Liturgy of the Word

July 12, 2012

Br. Raymund Snyder, OP
Student brothers Joachim Kenney, OP, and Raymund Snyder, OP, as part of their summer ministry at St. Dominic’s in Youngstown are being featured on the Ohio Catholic radio station “Living Bread Radio”.  Brs. Joachim and Raymund are offering two-minute reflections on the daily Mass readings in July and September on Living Bread Radio’s locally produced program, “Liturgy of the Word.”  The program includes the readings and chants of the Liturgy of the Word portion of the Mass together together with other music and includes a short reflection by the brothers. Br. Raymund will be featured July 8th through 14th and again September 2nd through 8th. Br. Joachim can be heard July 22nd through 28th and from September 23rd through 29th
Br. Joachim Kenney, OP
Br. Joachim Kenney, OP
Living Bread Radio can be heard live online or on the air throughout the Cleveland/Akron/Youngstown on AM 1060 / FM 89.5 Currently, only recordings with Br. Raymund reflections are available, and can be found below.  All of the original recordings will be posted at the Living Bread Radio website. You can also sign up for the podcast of these reflections.

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