Dominican Saints 101: Bl. Pier Giorgio Frassati

July 3, 2012

Body of Bl. Pier Giorgio in 1925 after his death
“The Man of Beatitudes.” This was the name that Bl. Pope John Paul II gave to Bl. Pier Giorgio Frassati (1901-1925,¬†feast – July 4, patron saint of World Youth Day). Bl. Pier Giorgio was known by many to be a holy man and was, to a great degree, free in Christ. Raised in a prominent Italian family, Bl. Pier Giorgio was known to be generous with the poor, even giving his clothes to them (his mother was not fond of having to buy replacement winter jackets for him). He loved to work with the poor and the regular working class, even studying engineering so that he could work with the miners. Throughout his short life, he not only was involved with the poor but also was a devoted member of Catholic Action, especially in fighting against fascism, and was a 3rd Order Dominican. All in all, he was a man filled with joy and was constantly at the service of his fellow men. To serve them was to serve Christ, and herein he found his joy. Bl. Pier Giorgio is probably best known in this country for his magnanimous spirit and his love for hiking and mountain climbing. Thanks to the spread of the Frassati Fellowships throughout the country, young adult Catholics can come together in fellowship, prayer, service, and outdoor excursions. Through his intercession, may we be open to the grace of God so that we too might be made free in Christ. O God, who in your Saints have given an example and brought us protection in our weakness to help us tread the path of salvation, mercifully grant that we, who honor the heavenly birthday of blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati, may, through his example, make our way to you. Through Christ our Lord.

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