March for Life in Rome

May 13, 2012

Earlier today, Dominican friars from the Angelicum marched in the 2nd Annual Italian March for Life took place in Rome. It began at the Colosseum, went past the “Birthday Cake” (i.e. the monument to Victor Emmanuel), and then ended by the Castel Sant’ Angelo right near the Vatican.

Fr. Dominic Holtz OP (Central Province), Chaplain of the Angelicum,
with the university’s banner at Rome’s March for Life

One thing that is significant about this event is that they started by the Colosseum. Long a place for the martyrdom of Christians, including Ss. Ignatius of Antioch and Telemachus, it could be seen as a shrine to the best and worst of life. In the Colosseum, gladiatorial fights represented one of the worst parts of Ancient Roman culture, and yet the martyrdom of Christians represented one of the greatest witnesses of the meaning of life. The Christians martyrs gave a witness to what it really means to live a life full of charity.

So too can this be seen with the Italian March for Life beginning at the Colosseum. The tragic issue of abortion, legal in Italy since 1978 brings the pro-lifers to the Colosseum. Yet, they come to witness to the beauty and dignity of every human life. Their witness shows, in our own age, what a life of love is built on – sacrificial love.

Below is a slideshow of the event:

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