Prayerfully Overcoming Injustice

April 1, 2012

In Washington DC, recently there has been a 40 Days for Life campaign with which we have participated with the area parishes in front of the Planned Parenthood, for many days we take certain hours to pray and do side-walk counseling in hopes that people will have a change of heart and that Planned Parenthood will go out of business.  (see photos below) Our friars each year are involved with the National March for Life to prayerfully protest the Roe vs. Wade decision to legalize abortion.

Also below you will see some photos of our friars at a prayerful protest to stop the HHS Mandate. More than 54,000 pro-life advocates joined more than 140 rallies across the nation on March 23 to rally for religious freedom and against the controversial Obama HHS mandate that requires religious groups to pay for birth control and drugs that may cause abortions.  Click on photos to enlarge.

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