Crime Fighting Priest

April 12, 2012

The parish of St. Dominic’s in Youngstown, OH has run through difficult times in the past couple of years.  Yet, the Dominican friars, particularly Fr. Gregory Maturi, O.P., prior and pastor of St. Dominic’s, have been working to make the area surrounding the church a safer place. The local NBC affiliate for Youngstown recently ran a piece on Fr. Maturi’s work with “Operation Redemption” which seeks to improve the neighborhood by removing run down and vacated homes as well as create a new parish center.  This will hopefully add to the stabalization of the parish’s neighborhood, which saw two murders at St. Dominic’s in 2010.  It will also provide space for fields for middle-schoolers to play sports in leagues, another means to prevent future problems by giving them a means to stay out of gang related activity. Please keep Fr. Maturi, the Dominican friars in Youngstown, and the parish of St. Dominic’s in your prayers as they continue to try and make their neighborhood a safer place to live and pray.

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