Prayer is what holds the life together

February 20, 2012

The Dominican Monastery of Our Lady of the Perpetual Rosary in Buffalo, NY was recently featured in an article in Western New York Catholic. In the article, Mother Emmanuel of Mercy and Sister Mary Lucy of Divine Mercy speak about various aspects of contemplative Dominican monastic life.

“The most important part is the prayer life, which includes liturgy of the Mass, the Divine Office and private prayer, and what we call lectio divina, which is the very prayerful reading and praying over the Scriptures,” said Mother Emmanuel of Mercy, prioress of the Dominican Nuns at the Monastery of Our Lady of the Perpetual Rosary. “That is what holds the life together.” … “To me, I’ve found more and more personally, certainly through what I’ve read about monastic life, that the more one lives the life radically, more and more you come into a solidarity with all people in whatever their situation of despair or hurt or brokenness, in whatever it is,” said Sister Mary Lucy of Divine Mercy, a Dominican nun. “So even if we didn’t know what was happening outside, we would still be able to bring all of them before God in our prayer.”

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