Angelic Warfare: Fifteen Hail Marys with Petitions for Chastity

February 22, 2012

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Members of the Angelic Warfare Confraternity say fifteen Hail Marys daily for one another that they may lead a chaste life. 

It was the ancient practice of the Confraternity to pray these fifteen Hail Marys by going through one’s whole psychology and offering a Hail Mary and a special petition for each one of the “powers of the soul.” 

Today, for those members who are seeking extra prayer for healing, deliverance, and growth in chastity and purity, the Confraternity offers the following fifteen petitions to go with each of the fifteen Hail Marys. 

A short form is included at the end.

Anyone, whether a member or not, should feel free to download this leaflet, print it out double-sided, and fold it in three parts to have their own leaflet with the special petitions. 

They make a good Lenten prayer practice.

If for some reason you have trouble downloading the document, email: and we will email it to you as an attachment.

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Google Doc Version of Leaflet (for download)
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These prayers are in audio form here:

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