All Saints Vigil 2011 (Including Audio)

November 1, 2011

The All Saints Vigil last night was a great success.  Over 450 people, mainly young adults, came out, and the chapel and balcony seating were filled 45 minutes before the Vigil even began.

Br. Gabriel Torretta, OP preached on friendship between God and men, man and man, and the saints and men.  And the four readings at the beginning of the vigil were mostly related to this topic as well.

Thanks to We Are One Body (WAOB) radio in Latrobe, who aired the Vigil, there is an audio file of the whole event.  The Dominican Schola first sings with a French response at 10:15.  Bro. Gabriel’s preaching is at 36:55 (he gets cut off at 42:15 because the mic ran out of batteries; it picks back up a couple of seconds later though).  The beginnings of the 4 pieces by the schola are:
    Seigneur, je vous en prie (Francis Poulenc) – 10:13
    Concede nobis Domine (chant) – 15:58
    Confitemini Domino (G.P. da Palestrina) – 25:28
    Ave Maria (Franz Biebl) – 31:30

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