Dominican Prayers on the iPhone

July 8, 2011

iBreviary, a popular tool for cell phones and devices such as the iPhone and iPod which may also be accessed online, provides the texts of the Liturgy of the Hours for each day of the year. Recently, the English version of iBreviary began including specifically Dominican prayers and readings for Dominican feasts such as Bl. Adrian Fortescue, an optional memorial today, or St. John of Cologne, who will be celebrated as an obligatory memorial by Dominicans tomorrow. These elements are taken from the Proprium Ordinis Praedicatorum, a supplement to the Liturgy of the Hours published by the Order.  The official Latin texts of this supplement have been approved for liturgical use by the Holy See.  However, there are currently no English translations of the Dominican propers to the Breviary that have been approved for liturgical use, and therefore these texts in English may only be used privately.

In the web version shown below, click on Office of Readings, Lauds or Vespers to see the Dominican propers.

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