Dominicans, Dominicans & More Dominicans

June 30, 2011

Greetings from St. Gertrude Church and Priory in Cincinnati, Ohio!  I am helping as a supply friar for a couple of weeks in our parish. St. Gertrude Priory is also the Novitiate for the Province of St. Joseph. For all the photos, click to enlarge. 
Novices of the Congregation of St. Cecilia (Nashville Dominicans) & Eastern Province

Our 16 novices, together with their novice masters, just returned from a visit to the Motherhouse & Aquinas College of the Dominican Sisters of St. Cecelia in Nashville, Tennessee.  A cooperator brother of our province, Bro. Ignatius Perkins OP is dean of the Nursing department at their college.

During the novitiate year, the novices come to know more deeply their divine, and indeed Dominican vocation, experience the Order’s way of life, and are formed in the Dominican spirit in mind and heart, to manifest their intention and suitability to the brethren (cf. LCO 177). They also have short trips. Each year our novices do travel to Nashville (just a few hours away) to pay a visit to the Nashville Dominicans who also run St. Gertrude School here next to our parish.  Below are a few photos from our novices’ journey.

It was a musical showdown in the “Music City”
Southern Hospitality
Motherhouse Chapel of the Congregation of St. Ceclia (Nashville)

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