Making Application: The Application Interview

February 26, 2011

On Monday I am traveling to Ohio and Indiana to meet with two men for  application interviews who are considering to apply for next year’s novitiate class. You should request an application (or “assessment”) interview from me if you think the Lord might be calling you to be in next year’s novitiate class (this interview will determine if it is possible). The interview can take up to three hours and allows me to spend some important time with you.  Among a number of things, the interview allows me to determine if there are any canonical impediments or reasons to delay the application process. Some reasons for delaying an application include: personal debt (house/car/credit card) that cannot be resolved before entering, student loans over the amount the province can absorb (talk with the vocation director), unresolved family and/or personal issues, lack of vocational clarity. Please pray for the men currently making application for next year’s novitiate class as well as for our current novices. FOR MORE INFO SEE OUR ASPIRANCY GUIDELINES (for men who wish to prepare themselves to enter)

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