Catholic Social Teaching

Pope Paul VI and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
Steps Toward Racial Justice

Racial Justice and Social Peace

Justice and peace are words sometimes used to summarize the whole area of our faith called Catholic social teaching and action. They are what the protestors decrying the brutal death of George Floyd last week in Minneapolis are chanting about. All want a harmonious society, but there can be no true peace without justice for all. As Pope St. Paul VI famously said in his message for the Day of Peace in 1972, “If you want peace, work for justice.” How do we do that?

Justice and Peace in the Province of St. Joseph

“A Shoot Shall Sprout”

Justice and Peace work can be like a tender shoot. It sprouts from the soil of our common life—sometimes distracted from the Church’s social mission by practical concerns or even ideologies — and begins to take root.

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Catholic Social Teaching

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