Clerical Brothers


The Order of Preachers is a clerical institute which was instituted by St. Dominic for the sake of carrying out the task of preaching. By priestly ordination, clerical brothers are made cooperators of the bishops by priestly ordination with the special function of proclaiming the Gospel both by word and example, especially within the context of the liturgy. The ministry of the word and of the sacraments of faith is a priestly office, and thus it is as priests that most Dominican friars exercise their calling, although cooperator brothers share too in the mission of the Order in many ways.

In the Province of St. Joseph, Dominican priests serve in a variety of ministries: they preach the Gospel and administer the sacraments at parishes, hospitals, campus ministries, and in the missions (currently in East Africa); they teach at colleges and seminaries in the United States and abroad; they work in media, producing radio shows and magazines; and they serve as itinerant preachers, bringing the distinctive witness of Dominican preaching to parishes and other groups that are normally ministered to by others.