Aspirancy and Application



The period of aspirancy begins when a young man is in communication with the Director of Vocations about the possibility of apply to the Province of St. Joseph and continues through the entire application process. This period of time allows the aspirant and the Director of Vocations to determine whether or not is ready to begin the formal application process, and, ultimately assists the Prior Provincial to accept the aspirant’s application to enter the novitiate or not.

Aspirancy is a new step of commitment which invites you to consider more seriously if our Lord is calling you to be a Dominican friar, and to begin to understand the more seriously just what the shift from your current life into religious life will entail, and whether this is truly a realistic option for you.

The length of apirancy depends on the individual man. Its duration determined at the discretion of the Director of Vocations in consultation with the aspirant, though a typical period of aspirancy is a year.

Aspirants for the Dominican Province of St. Joseph commit themselves to better prepare for the possibility of entering the novitiate. Though not in religious life yet, these practices will show your readiness and maturity, and, ultimately, help you to grow in virtue and in your relationship with Jesus Christ.

Aspirancy Guidelines can be found here.

Applying to the Province of St. Joseph

When a man believes that he could be called to religious life in the Dominican Province of St. Joseph, he should contact the Director of Vocations, Fr. Jacob Bertrand Janczyk, O.P. who can explain the application process in greater detail.

Generally, the application process takes six months to one year, and the application deadline to enter the novitiate is April 15.