Very Rev. Darren Michael Pierre, O.P., elected Prior Provincial of Dominican Province of St. Joseph

June 10, 2022

Providence, RI – Very Rev. Darren Michael Pierre, O.P., was elected Prior Provincial of the Dominican Province of St. Joseph during the Provincial Chapter meeting at Providence College. His election on June 10 was confirmed by the Master of the Order, Most Rev. Gerard Francisco Parco Timoner III, O.P., and is effective immediately. Father Pierre, age 50, has served as the Vicar Provincial, or Socius, of the province since June 2014.

The following friars were elected to the Diffinitorium, a council composed of six members, called diffinitors. This body is tasked with collaborating closely with the Prior Provincial to make appointments and operating decisions during the course of a Provincial Chapter. The Diffinitors elected at the 2022 Provincial Chapter are: Fr. Reginald Whitt, O.P.; Fr. Andrew Hofer, O.P.; Fr. Dominic Mary Legge, O.P.; Fr. John Chrysostom Kozlowski, O.P.; Fr. Justin Marie Brophy, O.P; and Fr. Thomas More Garrett, O.P.

The Province of St. Joseph

Founded in 1805, the Province of St. Joseph is one of four self-governing Dominican provinces established in the United States. With headquarters in New York City, the province is comprised of the six New England states, the Middle Atlantic states, Kentucky, and Ohio. It oversees a mission in Eastern Africa and supports other international Dominican missions in Pakistan, Peru, and the Solomon Islands. The province was instrumental in establishing Providence College in 1917; it is the only college or university in the United States operated by the Dominican Friars.

Elected to a four-year term, Father Pierre succeeds the Very Rev. Kenneth Raymond Letoile, O.P., who served as Provincial since 2014. According to the Constitutions of the Dominican Order, the primary duties of the Prior Provincial are to promote “the authentic spirit and life of the Order” in his province; to keep “the common good of the Order very much at heart;” and to “promote cooperation between the province and the hierarchy and between the province and other religious families so that the needs of the local Church may be understood better and provided for more satisfactorily.”

There are nearly 300 Dominican friars in the Province of St. Joseph. This year, 10 friars were ordained to priesthood, with 55 friars in initial formation, marking a decade of growth and renewal in the province. The median age of the province is 46.

Fr. Darren Pierre, O.P.

Raised in Fort Wayne, Indiana, Fr. Pierre holds a master’s degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He entered the Dominican novitiate, made his first profession of vows in 1998, and was ordained in 2004, pursuing studies for the priesthood at the Pontifical Faculty of the Immaculate Conception (Dominican House of Studies) in Washington, D.C.

Prior to his election as Prior Provincial, Fr. Pierre has ministered in a variety of pastoral settings in the Province of St. Joseph, including St. Gertrude Parish (Cincinnati, OH) and St. Patrick Parish (Columbus, OH) and as Promoter for the Lay and Clerical Fraternities of St. Dominic.

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