Official 2015-16 Photo of Friars in Formation (post-novitiate) Eastern Province Dominican Studentates

September 26, 2015

The Dominican Province of St. Joseph is blessed to have fifty-seven men in post-novitiate formation in Washington, DC. Ten brothers are assigned to St. Dominic Priory in the Province’s new studentate of deacons, and the remaining forty-seven brothers are assigned to the Dominican House of Studies. Three of these men are cooperator brothers, and the rest are in clerical formation. In this official photograph, the student brothers are accompanied by four friars who serve as formators: Fr. John Baptist Ku (master of students) from St. Dominic Priory; and Fr. Andrew Hofer (master of students), Fr. Dominic Langevin (assistant master) and Fr. Brian Chrzastek (assistant master) from the Dominican House of Studies.   Student Brothers of the Dominican Province of St. Joseph, 2015-16 Front row (left to right): Br. Josemaría Guzmán-Domínguez, Br. Patrick Briscoe, Br. Thomas Martin Miller, Br. Henry Stephan, Fr. Dominic Langevin (assistant master), Fr. John Baptist Ku (master of students at St. Dominic Priory), Fr. Andrew Hofer (master of students at the Dominican House of Studies), Fr. Brian Chrzastek (assistant master), Br. Anthony VanBerkum, Br. Leo Camurati, Thomas Davenport, Br. Jordan Zajac Second row (left to right): Br. Antoninus Samy, Br. John Sica, Br. Michael Weibley, Br. Jonah Teller, Br. Dominic Bouck, Br. Isaac Morales, Br. Norbert Keliher, Br. Hyacinth Grubb, Br. Martin Davis, Br. John Thomas Fisher, Br. John Paul Kern, Br. Joachim Kenney, Br. Barnabas McHenry, Br. Reginald Hoefer, Br. Louis Bertrand Lemoine, Br. Ambrose Arralde Third row (left to right): Br. Dominic Verner, Br. Aquinas Beale, Br. Peter Gautsch, Br. Nicholas Schneider, Br. Irenaeus Dunlevy, Br. Ephrem Reese, Br. Constantius Sanders, Br. Clement Dickie, Br. Alan Piper, Br. Joseph Hagan, Br. John Baptist Hoang, Br. Joseph-Anthony Kress, Br. Jacob Bertrand Janczyk, Br. Mannes Matous, Br. James Wallace, Br. Ignatius Weiss, Br. Gregory Pine Back row (left to right): Br. Athanasius Murphy, Br. Timothy Danaher, Br. Augustine Marogi, Br. Pier Giorgio, Br. Bonaventure Chapman, Br. Paul Clarke, Br. Raymund Snyder, Br. Justin Bolger, Br. Simon Teller, Br. Isaiah Beiter, Br. Albert Dempsey, Br. Edmund McCullough, Br. Luke Hoyt, Br. Humbert Kilanowski, Br. John Mark Solitario, Br. Joseph Graziano

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