Delegates Arrive for 2014 Provincial Chapter

June 9, 2014

The delegates for the 2014 Provincial Chapter of the Province of Saint Joseph arrived at Providence College yesterday, to begin a week of preparations before the opening of the Chapter on Friday, June 13. The provincial chapter is a central component of the Dominican governmental system, with roots in the earliest days of the Order. While the Order is governed at the highest level of its internal structure by the Master of the Order and his Curia in Rome, each province has the responsibility of creating and implementing specific legislation to direct the evangelical life of its friars. This process is strengthened by the quadrennial provincial chapter, at which the priors of the province’s communities and their elected associates discuss the life and mission of the friars in the Eastern United States, craft legislation, and elect a friar to serve as provincial for the next four years. The chapter begins with a consecration to the Holy Spirit through a votive mass of the Holy Spirit held on the morning of Friday, June 13, and will continue with its work in various modes for about three weeks. The Province of St. Joseph asks you to keep the chapter in your prayers, that God may abundantly pour out his Holy Spirit up the work of all the capitulars, for his glory and that of his Church.

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