Two Street Evangelization Events in D.C.

May 23, 2014

The friars of the Dominican House of Studies recently held two different evangelization events on the streets of D.C.: one singing, praying, and preaching in front of a D.C. metro stop, and another walking through the streets for a day-long pilgrimage. Photos and videos available below. The metro singing was held on Saturday, May 17, outside D.C.’s bustling Gallery Place-Chinatown station. A group of more than twenty Dominican friars and sisters from three different congregations gathered to sing, hand out rosaries, and speak to passers-by. The event was covered by the Catholic News Agency here. Two videos of the street witness at Chinatown can be found below, along with a slideshow of the event. Later, on Tuesday, May 20, about a dozen student brothers went on pilgrimage around D.C. in honor of the translation of St. Dominic, a major event in the early life of the Order where the holy founder’s relics were moved from a humble grave to a noble tomb, accompanied by many miracles and tokens of holiness. The friars spent the day walking through the streets singing, handing out rosaries, and praying in various churches in the city. A slideshow of the event can be found below.

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