Symposium on Thomas Aquinas and Philosophical Realism

November 5, 2013

On Saturday, November 9, there will be a day-long conference on philosophical realism and the legacy of St. Thomas Aquinas, held at the NYU Catholic Center, 238 Thompson St., NY. The conference gathers together seven different prominent philosophers and theologians to discuss various aspects of this complex issue. A complete list of speakers and topics follows below. The symposium is hosted by the Thomistic Institute and First Things, made possible by a grant from the Chiaroscuro Foundation. The day’s meetings are free and open to the public. Schedule: 11:00am James Brent, O.P., The Catholic University of America, “The Principle of Non-Contradiction Yesterday, Today, and Forever.” 12:00pm Break 1:00pm Candace Vogler, University of Chicago, “Nature, Culture, and Human Good in Aquinas.” Respondent: J. David Velleman, New York University 2:00pm Break 2:30pm Edward Feser, Pasadena College, “An Aristotelian Argument for the Existence of God.” Respondent: Thomas Joseph White, O.P., Dominican House of Studies 3:30pm Break 4:00pm John Haldane, St. Andrew’s University, “Aquinas and Realism.” Respondent: William Jaworski, Fordham University

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