New from Dominicana Records: In Medio Ecclesiae

October 21, 2013

The Province of St. Joseph is proud to announce the upcoming release of the first album from the Dominican House of Studies schola, under the aegis of the newly founded Dominicana Records: In Medio Ecclesiae. Through the direction of Fr. James Moore, O.P., of the Province of the Most Holy Name, the student choir has been working for more than eighteen months to produce a recording of the finest-quality liturgical music from different eras and traditions of the Church. The album contains fifteen pieces, with seven works from the various liturgical seasons, three timeless hymns of rejoicing, three in honor of specific saints, and two in praise of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The album will be available for digital purchase on Thursday, October 31, at iTunes, Amazon, and other digital content distributors. Physical copies will be available in mid-November. In preparation for the launch of the album, the Dominican studentate is soliciting funds for the support of the project. All donations go to support the first album of the new label Dominicana Records from the Dominican House of Studies, future projects of Dominicana Records, and other works for Dominican formation in Washington, D.C. You can help our mission by donating here, or by becoming a Fan Fundraiser. Help spread the word! Check out our fundraising page and help us get the news out to friends, family, coworkers, and anyone who loves beautiful liturgical music.

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