Spring 2013 TRUMPET: News from the Province of St. Joseph

June 7, 2013

Note: published before we posted info about the 2013 Novitiate class

Our province’s Spring 2013 TRUMPET newsletter has the theme of the sanctity of all human life.  There are some good articles in it about our province. While this is normally sent to benefactors, I include it here as it has news that pertains to men considering a Dominican vocation.

Our provincial’s intro says this “issue is about living the Pro-Life mission after the placards are put away and the rallying cries are gone. This is about understanding and upholding the dignity of each human person made in the image and likeness of God, even after the cameras have stopped rolling…”

-a story of Dominic Gondreau, the son of one of our professors at Providence College who had a very special encounter with the Pope in St. Peter’s Square

-a first hand account of Fr. Pius Pietrzyk OP in Rome seeing the election of our beloved new Holy Father, Pope Francis

-an account of Bro. John Baptist Hoang OP on our friars participation in the National March for Marriage in DC

-the founder of Kindly Light Media, Fr. Gabriel Gillen OP goes on EWTN’s Life on the Rock to talk about various initiatives. See also my recent post (with videos)

-an article on the Dominicans in the New York Times (yes, actually positive!)

-finally one of our students from the Catholic Center at NYU writes: Imagine this. Our campus, with its constant advertisements for “Sex Nights” and conferences on the social construction of gender roles, is a dark desert. Through it walk two men, one older, his accent British, the other Texan-born and Kentucky-educated. They wear white habits contrasted by black Rosaries. Their crucifixes are the immediate center of attention: Christ—is he real, is he God, or is he myth? The Cross—does this symbolize a great love, that for a man to lay down his life for his friends (cf. John 15:13), or is this insanity?

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