FOCUS Conference 2013 or Bust!

January 1, 2013

A good number of our friars (and friars from the other provinces) will head to Orlando for the national conference (SEEK 2013) for the Fellowship of Catholic University Students (FOCUS) together with 6,200 college students from around the country.


Friars coming include:
Fr. James Brent OP, Director of the Angelic Warfare Confraternity (AWC) & professor at Catholic University
Fr. Jonathan Kalisch OP, Chaplain (vocation story) & Fr. Chris Saliga OP, Assistant Chaplain of our campus ministry at Dartmouth College
Fr. James Cuddy OP, Chaplain of our campus ministry at Providence College (vocation story)
Fr. Austin Litke OP, Assistant Chaplain of our campus ministry at New York University
Fr. Stephen Alcott OP, Assistant Chaplain of our campus ministry at University of Virginia
Fr. Benedict Croell OP, Director of Vocations for the Eastern Province Dominicans and friars from other other provinces of the USA including: Fr. Steven Maekawa OP (Western province) Fr. Andy McAlpin OP (Central province), and Fr. John Pitzer OP (Southern province).

FOCUS is one of the more extraordinary movements happening in the US on college campuses. They thrive wherever the environment is secular and so where they are located on campuses across the US, the campus ministries are booming.  Say a prayer for all those participating that the Lord will touch their hearts and help them in efforts for the New Evangelization!

Nashville Sisters, Fr. James Brent OP and Fr. James Cuddy OP
at FOCUS SEEK 2013 conference in Orlando.

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