Archbishop DiNoia OP at British Confraternity of Catholic Clergy Colloquium

October 27, 2012

Archbishop DiNoia OP, vice-president of the Ecclesia Dei commission addressed 100 British priests during the recent Confraternity of Catholic Clergy and celebrated the Mass for them. Fr. Tim Finegan wrote on his popular blog The hermeneutic of continuity:

Yesterday morning we were treated to superb presentation from Archbishop Augustine Di Noia, vice-President of the Ecclesia Dei Commission, on “What is the New Evangelisation and why does it matter?” Archbishop di Noia is very widely read, and gave something of a master class on the question of evangelisation and its themes as relevant to the evangelisation of formerly Christian countries. 

Later the Archbishop was celebrant at Mass. Indicative of the richness of this Colloquium, the sermon was given by Mgr Keith Newton. The point that I particularly took away from his sermon was the responsibility given to priests for catechesis. We rightly involve lay people but must not simple devolve our priestly task of passing on the mysteries of the faith.

 Archbishop DiNoia OP also recently spoke at Mt. St. Mary’s Seminary of the West (Athenaeum) in Cincinnati on the same the topic.

Archbishop DiNoia OP on why there are so many Dominican vocations.


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