Fr. James Brent OP: Intro on Angelic Warfare Confraternity (AUDIO)

May 6, 2012

“If we can destroy his chastity, we can destroy his vocation.” These were the words of the brothers of the young Thomas Aquinas who went to great lengths to stop him from becoming a Dominican friar and priest.

Fr. James Brent OP, who teaches at the Catholic University of America, gave an introduction to the ancient Confraternity of the Angelic Warfare of St. Thomas Aquinas recently at a parish.  It is an excellent summary of what has become an extremely powerful spiritual weapon to live chastity in your life regardless of your vocation.

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Surrender to the Spirit, Growth in Chastity (Fr. James Brent OP)

Sense of Despair for Those Considering a Vocation?
Many young men today look at the current state of their lives in regard to chastity and quickly become discouraged in regard to responding to the grace of a vocation of poverty, chastity and obedience as a priest or religious. It would be important not to give up! Fr. James says in the audio clip above,

“Is there anything that can be done?  There is!  As Catholics we, by the grace of God, have handed on to us in our Tradition, an extremely powerful supernatural weapon that is at our disposal for fighting sexual temptation, for overcoming it, for growing in the virtue of self-control, self restraint, temperance, and a good, pure, healthy, holy mind, that becomes a kind of second nature: chastity. We have been given a weapon and it is the Angelic Warfare Confraternity.”

a poem from member of the Confraternity:

In Honor of Saint Thomas Aquinas

Most Angelic angel-
Girded Doctor caught fast
In high heavenly
Ecstasy so pronounced.
You boldly chased with
Burnished brand the scantily-
Clad broad of brothers’
Mischief. A single
Singed cross—signed upon

Your lonely cell door.

Tempted no more after
Lone, bold, and failed
Assault; for Almighty
God, eternally on
His high throne, and Our
Blessed Virgin Lady
Saw it seemly fit and
Right to girdle chaste
Virtue divinely tight
Upon your waste with
Which to keep hold.

St. Thomas to be

Now Saint Thomas, if you
See it meet and just to
Share please your hard won
Victory and the angel’s
Gift with me, I would be
Eternally indebted
To thee.

Here you will find the daily Angelic Warfare prayers with intentions. These prayers are in audio form here in case you wanted to download them for your MP3 player.

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